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Signature Hilton Beef Burger + Wild Berry Aperol @ Millenium Hilton

Signature Hilton Beef Burger + Wild berry Aperol perfect combination 👌 definitely recommended

Review: Water Library Brasserie

Treat yourself with beautiful lunch at Water Library Brasserie, Central Embrassy

Review : Jojo 2 Michelin Starred #pdtakeuout

Enjoy with 9 courses of From 2 Michelin Starred Chef - Catalan Style ( Chef Pete Planagumà ) at Jojo Dinner with...

Review: Woo Cafe - Carrot Cake #pdtakeuout

Carrot Cake + Woo's Signature Silver Needle Tea ร้านนี้ไม่ได้มีแค่ของกินอร่อยอย่างเดียว มีทั้ง Gallery ภาพวาด...

Review: Egg Benedict Toast: Cafe Des Artist

Egg Benedict Toast 🍞🐣+Boiled Rice w/t Pork+ Cappuccino+Homemade Strawberry Jam etc.